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  • Galleri Q, København Peder Skrams Gade 2 København, 1054 Denmark (map)
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Press Release, October 2019

An exhibition organized by Marina Dubia.

Even halfway-through it was difficult to separate myself from the words, the style. My thoughts were narration, going down the stairs more engrossing, the edges of my sight hazy. I doubt, from outside, anybody could detect any slight change; but the words would intrude, I would become convinced of parallel theories, align friends with types, relationships with archs, predict emotions and reactions according to the linear propulsion. I couldn't separate myself from it. And then. Take a step back. And breathe. Experience is concocted by a mixture of material input and previously processed information. We react to this procedural layer of reality. It may be easy to take notice when we start to filter routine through the semantics of the novel we are reading on the subway on our way to work; but finding where direct sensorial input ends and fabulation begins is another matter entirely. When was the last time you looked at the ceiling, checked if the distance between the train and the platform is still the same?

Between Signal and Noise insists on dwelling, protracting and holding the space where information flows between two points. In the suspension, we might catch a glimpse of language playing its tricks, of perception bending chemical responses, of concepts and emotions intruding into steel and stones, judgments calling green what is blue. We invite you to take a step back and reconsider – even if to arrive again at the same conclusions.

Realized with the care, patience and engagement of Alice, Livia, Paolo, Sanna, Christina, Kai, Christina, Wenjie, Glenn and Karin. Their proper credits will be updated here soon!

Marina Dubia (1992, São Paulo) graduated from University of São Paulo (ECA-USP) in 2015, with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Since that year, she has taken her practice in the directions of independent publishing, literary experimentation and dance and movement practices, taking part in collective exhibitions and independent publishing fairs. She has worked as a museum educator and private art teacher, before starting her MFA in Conceptual and Contextual Practices with Carla Zaccagnini at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, in Copenhagen – where she also works as a kitchen assistant.

"I oscillate between dispersion and structure to provoke short-circuits. Word and body are preferred locals of action. Key concepts such as “resistance”, “contamination”, “dance”; or “mountain”, “salt” and “cockatoo” serve as matrix to each attempt at forming an understanding. In which vital dynamics are we implicated? I seek to act in the direction of critique and destabilization. How does information spread? Since 2015, I am involved in practices in which I recognize an effective capacity of remodeling the social: publishing and movement."

Opening: Tuesday October 15, 17-20 (performance at 18.30) | Facebook event
Closing: Sunday October 20, 10-18 (performance at 14.30).
Exhibition period: October 15 - October 20, 2019.
Check the Facebook event for updated visiting hours.