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  • Kunstkollektivet FUKK, København Skudehavnsvej 25 København, 2150 Denmark (map)

Kunstkollektivet FUKK søger nye medlemmer med start 1. juni.

Vi ses ugentligt, laver fremtidsplaner sammen, arrangerer koncerter, udvikler spil, events, performances, spiser sammen, hopper i vandet og så i sauna, og er en del af fællesskabet PB43 i Nordhavn. Alt er muligt! Der er pladser både til egne projekter og til at være en del af FUKK's fælles projekter. Huslejen som medlem er 625 kr pr. måned. Find opslaget her og yderligere skjulte oplysninger her.


The independent art school FUKK is looking for new members to join us in June 2018. Forenede Uafhængige Københavnske Kunstnere (or United Independent Copenhagen Artists) is a self-organized art school, which was formed in 2011 in Copenhagen to foster an independent alternative to established art institutions and academies. The group is currently constituted by 15 artists, working together in a variety of mediums. What we all share is a passion for independent learning and collective collaboration.

FUKK’s activities are determined entirely by its members. This means that as a FUKK member you are not only a student but also a teacher, organizer and administrator of the school. At FUKK we grow together through collaborative art experiences - exhibitions, events, installations, performances, parties, etc. - and the most necessary quali cation for membership in FUKK is a passion for collective creation, ie - channeling your individual skills and interests into the group and sacri cing your individual claim to the work.

Practical information

  • Our work at FUKK is based around a weekly meeting - every Tuesday evening we meet to discuss, plan, work, learn and develop ourselves and FUKK.

  • You should know that the FUKK Membership fee is 625 kr. pr. month, which we all pay to support the 90sqm common studio (workshop, library, and common work/lecture/teaching space).

  • There’s a 2 months deposit which add up to 1250 kr.

  • Members are also welcome to (and do) use the studio for their own individual work and smaller scale collaborations - and are able to organize events at the studio (concerts, workshops, etc).

If this is something you want to be a part of then send us an application consisting of a portfolio and 1⁄2 - 1 page about yourself and why you want to join FUKK. In continuation of the above descriptions we ask you to focus more on how your individual experiences, skills and quali cations can contribute to the collective project - and why you want to do collaborative work in the rst place.

Send the application to call@fukk.dk
Deadline on the 21st of May 2018 at 11:59 PM!
Reply: FUKK will reply in early May to schedule an interview.

Don’t worry.


Find more information at: fukk.dk and fukkfeed.tumblr.com