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  • Bank of Materials
, Aarhus Skovgaardsgade 5A Aarhus, 8000 Denmark (map)
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Press Release, September 2019

It is no secret that surplus materials are discarded daily, because they don’t fit into standardized production. But these materials express high quality, certain unpolished characteristics and a wide range of potentials worth investigating.

In partnership with Aarhus School of Architecture, NEW AARCH, and the companies Kvadrat, Sørensen Leather, ZURFACE and Dinesen, the very first Bank of Materials (BOM) is opening in Aarhus.

In BOM surplus materials from these companies are collected and made available for people, who wish to collaborate and transform them through their creative projects. BOM is a bank where value is of social nature and the currency is materials. The purpose is to exchange knowledge and inspiration in order to gain insight into the creative processes and great stories that arise from working with the materials.

How can surplus materials be transformed through a variety of disciplines and bring new research, architecture or design into life. Do you have an idea or a project you wish to share? Then please visit bankofmaterials.org for more information on how to apply for materials. Selected projects will be presented in a curated exhibition in Aarhus, December 15, 2019 in the ONSITE GALLERY at Institut for (X).

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The headquarter of Bank Of Materials is located in Aarhus Denmark at Skovgaardsgade 5A, within the Godsbanen area in the building New Neighbour. BOM invites you to stop by and sense the materials during opening hours (Monday-Thursday: 10-14).

Deadlines and important dates:

  • Running deadline on applying for materials.

  • Deadline for delivery of selected projects to be exhibited: November 15, 2019.

  • Exhibition opening: December 5, 2019