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  • Annual Reportt, København 44 Åboulevard København N, 2200 Denmark (map)

Press Release, November 2017

You are cordially invited to the opening of:

Annual Reportt in collaboration with
Viaindustriae / COLLI Independent.

It is our pleasure to invite you to the opening of the exhibition SPORTIFICATION & YES YES YES, a collaboration between Annual Reportt and Viaindustriae publishing/COLLI Independent. The exhibition combines and unfolds collected original materials from the two research projects. In extension to the subjects of these, the exhibition features works contributed by: Federico Antonini & Alessio D’Ellena (IT), Studio Atlant (DK), Bart de Baets (NL), Giandomenico Carpentieri (IT), Prill Vieceli Cremers (CH), Dallas (IT), Emilie Ferrat (FR), Moonsick Gang (KR/US), Ben Ganz (CH/US), Till Gathmann (DE), Rudy Geudj (FR/NL), Studio Hato (GB), Will Holder (GB), Experimental Jetset (NL), Pauline Kerleroux & Adéla Svobodová (CZ), Maziyar Pahlevan (IR/US), Clemens Piontek (DE/CH), Regular Practice (DK/UK), Shared-Space (BG/KR), Dexter Sinister (US/GB), Batia Suter (CH/NL), Wrong Studio (DK). 

SPORTIFICATION. Eurovisions, Performativity and Playgrounds. 
SPORTIFICATION. Eurovisions, Performativity and Playgrounds is a long term research and a set of cultural actions based on several archives about “historical” European TV casts or Eurovisions (Games without frontiers/Jeux Sans Frontieres/Spiel Onhe Grenzen). Sportification is an interdisciplinary research focused on analyzing the subject of sport, of agon and of game nowadays. The basis of the work is a critical-comparative and sociological analysis dictated by a wide archive of images and videos of the famous tv-show Giochi Senza Frontiere / Jeux Sans Frontieres / Spiel Onhe Grenzen / It’s a Knockout, which constitues a master guide and a “true” archeology of the competitive action from the times of picturesque villages, to Eurovision, passing through the postpolitical era of European Community. The project deals both with the utopia of a playful society and with the social musculature leading to “sportification” of the collective body and to politicization of sport.

YES YES YES Alternative Press '66–'77, From Provo To Punk. 
Yes Yes Yes Alternative Press/1966–1977 from Provo to Punk is an evocative display of original materials selected from a long research on alternative European and American press. Starting from Dutch Provo publications and their influence in Europe, to the British scene and to the wide American scenario of east and west coast, the research especially focuses on aspects of graphic design of a wide hidden publishing scene which has been mainly analyzed, until now, from the political and countercultural point of view.

COLLI Independent.
COLLI Independent Art Gallery is a space for contemporary art in Rome, dedicated to printed matter, bookworks, editions and multiples. The structure is divided into three main areas: the art space that hosts the exhibition programs of the artists, the publishing platform (practical library), a collaborative tool for publishing and co-editing research projects, and the bookstore.

Opening: November 18th 2017, 18.00 | Facebook event
Exhibition period: 18.11.17 – 16.12.17.
Opening hours: Thursday–Friday: 12.00–17.00, Saturday: 12.00–16.00

Later Event: November 19