• SØ, København 234 Nordre Fasanvej København, 2200 Denmark

I heard from my five year old cousin’s grandmother’s gynocologists’s gynocologist’s ex-girlfriend’s friend’s prostitute’s father-in-law’s childhood-friend’s aunt’s neighbour’s cat’s vet’s first wife’s former collegue’s nephew’s kindergarten-teacher’s hairdresser who swears by her boss’s father’s landlord’s highschool-sweetheart’s step-brother’s foster-mother’s car-dealer’s co-worker’s yoga-teacher’s nutritionist’s fortuneteller’s dentist’s dermatologist’s great-great-great-grandfather’s grave that all of it is 100% true.

Urban-myth, friend-of-a-friend-lore and bonfire-ghost-stories have found a new digital home in the width of the internet called ”Creepy Pasta” – edited, shared, copy-pasted anecdotes of the uncanny and monsters created by many Frankensteins haunt the online-sphere. SPOOKY PASTA takes the idea of a crowd-sourced monster as a starting point, but aims to give it a physical existence in the gallery space.

The exhibiting artists are students from the art-department of Krabbesholm Højskole:

Artists: Agnes Maagaard, Amalie Malthe Ludvigsen, Anna Aagaard Kofoed, Anna Bjørg Andersen, Birta Hlíf Gunnarsdóttir, Carl Holck-Larsen, Caroline Høgild, Cecilie Kvorning, Halvard Hauge Hornes, Katrine Amalie Jacobsen, Line Høgh Frandsen, Lise Riber Lucassen, Luca Fedele, Magdalena Kremers Bugge, Magnus Lind Nielsen, Mia Falbe-Hansen, Milo Myers Laris, Nicolai Fürstnow, Pernille Øiestad Myrvold, Tine Holmen Thomsen, Une Persdatter Brekke & Zander Vind.

Curated by Cecilie Skov and Gisa Pantel.

Opening: Thursday, 10th of November, 18.00 - 21.00 | Facebook event