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  • Pavillon 11, København 11 Kronprinsessegade København K, 1306 Denmark (map)
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Press Release, 25 August 2017:

During Copenhagen Art Week, Pavilion No. 11 at the Kings Garden is transformed into an installation consisting of audio, video and sculptural elements with the exhibition title Dead Swath She Said.

The installation treats the status of the female voice, as well as the ambivalence towards humor that indicates the utterances of the female voice to be ambiguous.

The exhibition will investigate the discrepancy between text and verbal pronunciation and try to seduce the viewer to think she heard something else than she saw. By drawing from Freud, concrete poetry and écriture feminine the exhibition seeks to question what she actually said.

Signe Boe (b. 1988) and Marie Raffn (b. 1991) are based in Vilnius, LT, and Copenhagen, DK.

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Signe Boe and Marie Raffn "Dead Swath She Said"
Pavillon 11, Kronprinsessegade 11, København K.
1. - 6. September 2017 | 12.00-18.00

Earlier Event: August 31
Later Event: September 1