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  • PVC, København Åboulevard 9C København, 1635 Denmark (map)

Press Release, December 2017

We are exited to invite you to the reception of the second issue of Atomstøv. At the reception there will also be an exhibition of selected works from the publication.

Atomstøv is an art publication seeking to explore the role of perception and association as a starting point for new art. How the relation to art, in a more direct physical interpretation than normal, can act as a form of communication, by initiating a correlation between one or multiple artworks on paper.

The approach is a sort of Rorschachian entry into a dialogue, starting in one place and ending in an indefinite expression, with the possibility but no requirement for final analysis. Simply put: New works are created from the associations that may arise from the perception of another given work.

The previous publication was characterized by spontaneity, and in many ways it should be seen as experimentation with the aforementioned thoughts and ideas, giving rise to a conversation and development of our principal ideas.

The structure of the project entails that each artist independently makes one main piece, from which each of the other artists have to respond to with a new work, made from a possible associative response to the perception of the main piece. Every work must adhere to the basic principles of the publication medium: a format allowing the work to be printed on paper and published together.

In this, the second issue, we each invited a new artist to join. Subsequently, the project evolved, leading to 36 works by a total of six contributing artists. For every main artist contribution, each of the remaining artists have had a response period of three weeks for submission.

Atomstøv is: Anna Walther, Danni Storm, Niklas Bruhn
Invited artists: Selina Rom, Nick Nagel, Sarah Ridao

Reception and vernissage: Thursday the 4th of January 17.00 – 21.30
Friday – Sunday open from 13.00 – 18.00 | Facebook event