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  • Andromeda 8220, Aarhus Gudrunsvej 78 Brabrand, 8220 Denmark (map)
No chance for investors

Pressemeddelelse, marts 2019

Mød kunstnerkollektivet Lause Bleibt fra Kreuzberg, når de sætter kunst, byudvikling og gentrificering på dagsordenen i oplæg og en åben "panel"-debat. Arrangementet forgår på engelsk.

Invitation fra Lause og Andromeda:

Berlin-Kreuzberg is well known for its alternative and autonomous projects as well as for its vivid art scene. But many of these projects are under the thread of displacement since they can no longer afford the rising rents. This development will more and more arrive in Denmark too.

Investor Jørn Tækker has a good name here in Denmark. For many years he has supported the art. Few people are aware that this is done at the expense of other artists who pay the price.

Around 170 media professionals, craftspeople, musicians and artists work and live in the Lause Bleibt, one of Tækker's few remaining properties in Berlin.

They live in danger because Jørn Tækker is raising rents and ending contracts. He is doing so despite the fact that he has stated his sympathy for the creative projects in the Lause.

Art and displacement through gentrification is therefore the theme for our discussion. We have invited artists and activists from Lause Berlin, as well as here in Århus, to meet and discuss this. The meeting will be held at the art and culture Platform Andromeda, 8220 in Gellerup, hosted by activist and artist Aysha Amin an area which is also experiencing the processes of gentrification today.

We cordially invite you to this exchange on art and threatened spaces, on displacement and gentrification. Join the discussion on possible collaborations between artists here and in Berlin.


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