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  • Rouge Oysters, København Gammel Kongevej 43 København, 1610 Denmark (map)
Souvenir Rouge

Press release, February 2019

Rouge Oysters and Anna Clarisse Holck Wæhrens happily present Souvenir by Niklas Adrian Vindelev.

(Souvenir: “a thing that is kept as a reminder of a person, place, or event. C18: from French, from (se) souvenir to remember, from Latin subvenīre to come to mind, from sub- up to + venīre to come - Oxford Dictionary). Niklas Adrian Vindelev will for the first time on Danish ground present his personal framed memories caught as souvenirs at Rouge Oysters during March 2019.

Niklas has, together with curator Anna Clarisse Holck Wæhrens, hand picked 11 remembrances since 2016, shown as a forbidden but honest part of his daily life as a photographer and filmmaker. It’s the sauce on the spaghetti, la dolce vita, the al dente decay and (the) quality leisure. 

Niklas Adrian Vindelev (b. 1992) is a film director, photographer and art director. His photos has been featured in Vogue US, Amuse, Dezeen and many more. He is a frequent collaborator with companies such as Villa Lena, Space10, Carcel and ArtRebels, while making sure the music videos, photos and albumcovers of the danish music scene is on point when working with the likes of Gents, Synd og Skam and First Flush.

His more personal work includes a video installation with Corpus at The Royal Danish Theatre, hosting an upcoming concert event at the French Embassy in Copenhagen, and directing a documentary film with August Rosenbaum as well as an experimental short film starring Lola Montes Schnabel. Niklas sees travelling as an important part of his work and has lived and worked abroad in both Italy and France. In his work we find a persistent attention to capturing the fleeting, quintessential and affecting moment, or what Henri Cartier-Bresson, the french photographer and founder of modern photojournalism, call “the decisive moment"; to catch memories, save them and store them. It is important for Niklas that the photographs contain an inner personal focus and highlight the tactile dimensions of the image. You can see his work as a travel diary or a scrapbook from his “Grand Tour”, a journey of development. 


Opening: March 6, 2019. From 18-24.
Exhibition period: The show will continue through April 2019.