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  • Ta·da, København Fanøgade 36 København, 2100 Denmark (map)
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Press Release, January 2019

Reptilian Hyper Bodies #5 - Let this Body Become the Wessel - Let this Body Become the Carrier of Messages (RHB#5-LtBBtW - LtBBtCoM)

by NDRAP Development / Jens Ivar Kjetså (NO).

Time changes all / the / Time is irrelevant / and /
Time is the why / the / Time is not existing
Just matter and anti matter

Not safe for work
Not safe for life
Not safe
Not life

As a void for control
As a centre for hope
Rendering for hours
Waiting for results

Filling meta data into meta forms
Forming the zeros into ones
growing into the digital selfs
growing out of the digital real life

Premature re-births
Infiltrations beyond viruses


We Wake up & a neW World arises every day.
When the eyes open, in this very second, everything is possible.
The brain has more or less rebooted the information of yesterdays, and
is NOW ready to be refilled with the unexpectedness of life.

But normally the life of the ordinary every-days, most likely feels a
bit similar to the past lived life and recently days passed by.

But everyday is a day for changes and new stuff to become REAL or
UNREAL. Lost dreams can only happen, by NOT happening.


So wake up and get ready for IT
Take on your first SKINS of PROTECTION

Cover up that NAKEDNESS
Cover up that delicate and soft SKIN
and start to rebuild/upgrade your SELFS

Put all that favourite clothing and accessories ON
that makes YOU to the YOUs
and go OUT to GET them..


Get yourselves sorted and get it ON:
the UNDERWEAR / the SOCKS / the JEANS /
the SHOES / the JACKET / the CAP / the JEWELLERY

& Please SUPPORT AND ENJOY the wearable part of the exhibition
& get online to go shoppin’ to you droppin’
& get yourself one of those
Reptilian Hyper Bodies #5- Wearable TEEs
by NDRAP Development HERE.


Let this body become the vessel,
Let this body become the carrier of messages


For Ta·da NDRAP Development will present 9 digital images in the frames hanging over the washing machines. These images are also part of a new series of wearable art pieces from NDRAP.

In the period of the exhibition, 4 of the 9 images exhibited @ Ta·da, will be available to purchase/pre-order as Long-sleeve or T-shirts (in black or white) in a online campaign on everpress.com for the awesome sum of only 29,99€ for the long-sleeve & 24,99€ for the t-shirt. Follow this link to get to the right online safe-space, where you can see and pre-order your RHB#5 - no1 to no4 Wearable Tees.

(The other 5 pictures shown in the exhibition, will get their champaign period online the next month after the show have ended in Ta·da, Copenhagen).

Jens Ivar Kjetså aka NDRAP Development (b. 1981) is a Norwegian artist/performer/curator/organiser/human, living in Copenhagen. He is the founding member of Gallery FIST artist group (Germany, 2009-) & runs the art project/platform and project space Future Suburban Contemporary, Copenhagen (2015-). He has organized, curated and/or participated in exhibitions in: Bergen, Oslo, Stockholm, Moscow, Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, Kristiansand, Essen, Dusseldorf, Copenhagen, Paris, Wien, Cologne, Marseille, NeuMünster, Hamburg, Munich, Istanbul. He studied at the Bergen Academy of the Arts (KHiB), Norway & Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig (HGB), Germany & is still a life long student at the School of life, WWW & IRL.

Opening: Friday the 8th of February, 5.30-7.30pm | Facebook event
Exhibition period: 8th of February - 7th of March 2019.
Opening hours: Daily between 7am-9pm.