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  • X AND BEYOND, København 27 Griffenfeldsgade København, 2200 Denmark (map)
"Strange Ecologies" | Photo: David Stjernholm.

"Strange Ecologies" | Photo: David Stjernholm.

Strange Ecologies is an exhibition about extraordinary environments, about ecosystems of outlandish transformations and otherness, and how these environments challenge our thinking, perception and knowledge. Challenge us to go far beyond established reason and into realms of wild speculation.

Strange Ecologies is a trope for conceiving a future of change. It connects changes in the environment with transformations in cultural, social, political, existential and biological conditions. Strange Ecologies have the entire Cosmos as its horizon. They are real and imaginaries. Strange Ecologies originate and thrive in works of art, which for thousands of years across media and contexts have wondered about Planet Earth as an exceptional living thing, home to humans, animals and plants and itself at home in the vast, ever-expanding space of the Universe.

Structured by the four sub-categories “Cosmic Encounters”, “Planet Earth Revisited”, “Media As Nature” and “Environmental Living”, the exhibition presents more than 25 art works and artefacts by an international group of artists in order to qualify Strange Ecologies as concept and perspective for advancing new, timely ecological critiques and visions.

Strange Ecologies serves as a provisional conclusion to X AND BEYOND’s work within the field of “disaster studies” and the exhibition thus includes artists that have been an integral part of that process along with other significant sources of inspiration.

Artists: Paul Lehr, Lando, Lars von Trier/Sune Elskær/Peter Hjorth/Manuel Alberto Claro, Jens Settergren, Age of Aquarius, Ann Lislegaard, Beauty of Science/CalTech, NASA, Anna Ørberg, Christian Schmidt Rasmussen, Søren Thilo Funder, Anne van Galen, Pinar Yoldas, Kristian Byskov, Marshall McLuhan/Harley Parker, Theis Wendt, Ubermorgen, Tracy Cornish, Eugene Tsui, Moebius, John Schoenherr & Tabor Robak.

Opening: Saturday the 4th of February, 5-9pm | Facebook

Earlier Event: February 4
Later Event: February 9