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  • Basement by Ørestad Metro station, København 11 Kay Fiskers Plads København, 2300 Denmark (map)

Ghost Driver - An exhibition by Toke Flyvholm, Jan S. Hansen & Mathias Sæderup.

Coordinates set. Passing by in elastic mode. Park.

You walk through the forest. It's early morning and in a clearing you see a quiet lake. Looking at the surface of the lake you see the reflection of your face, a face that you know well. The water is clear, and at the bottom you see the leaves from last fall. You take a stick and stir the leaves and water into a muddy whirlpool, and a spider lays its eggs.

If you imagine that you're 1 cm tall, and placed in the grass, you should look out for spiders. Even the crickets would eat you.

You could sit on a straw hanging over the lake, reflecting on your image, but you would be led away by worried thoughts – it would take a great deal of discipline to stay in focus. You would wish your former size. A return to zero. An engine haunted, hardwired against all contingencies.

Rain, looming on the horizon, the sky breaks open. Signal is good, footage received, processing and archived, check.

Opening: August 27th from 15.00-18.00.
Open: August 28th from 14.00-17.00
September 3rd-4th from 14.00-17.00
September 9th-10th from 14.00-17.00.

Kay Fiskers Plads 11, basement by Ørestad Metro station.

Earlier Event: August 26
Later Event: August 31