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  • Andersen's, København Amaliegade 38 København, 1256 Denmark (map)
Ethan Cook.

Ethan Cook.

Press Release, August 2019

Andersen’s is delighted to present Fields, Ethan Cook’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. To mark his inaugural show, Cook immerses himself in the historical building and previous premises of Det Classenske Bibliotek, at Amaliegade 38, Copenhagen.

Fields is a unique, site-specific installation consisting of five hand-woven panels that are stretched across the floor of the main gallery space. The piece alternates a palette of lavender and red coloured cotton, which has been woven into canvas and encased within a wooden frame. Floating just above the ground, this monumental work can be observed from the three levels of the gallery space, thus inviting the audience to enter the artist’s mind and practice by immersing into an infinite field of form and colour. This five by fifteen meters installation represents Cook’s most ambitious work to date, with which Andersen’s is pleased to inaugurate the exceptional location of Amaliegade 38.

Investigating the relationship between materials and meaning, Cook grounds his visual language in a systematic process of making. Using a four-harness loom to weave stocks of cotton into canvas, the artist encourages errors and inaccuracies to become essential components of his woven compositions. By means of combining an arduous and rigorous process with the artist’s own hand and invention, each work retains its own meaning and stores information that is intrinsic to the act of creation.

The structural simplicity of Cook’s colours and proportions, enables Fields to become a space of engagement, where the viewer is invited to enter an intimate dialogue with the intensity of the artist’s work. With this installation Cook hopes each viewer will find their own suggestive and meaningful way to connect and engage with the layers and peculiarities of his work.

Ethan Cook (b. 1983, Texas, USA) lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Cook has exhibited at institutions including the National Museum of Capodimonte, Naples and Fondazione 107, Turin. His work has been presented internationally in a wide range of one-person and group exhibitions. Reviewed by The New York Times, Interview Magazine, Los Angeles Times and W Magazine.

Opening: Thursday 22 August, 17-19 | Facebook event
Exhibition period: 22 August - 5 October 2019.
Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday: 11-17.