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  • Kunstscenen, København Tagensvej 147, (through the bushes) København, 2400 Denmark (map)

Pressemeddelelse, april 2019

Cube shows the intersection between materiality and simulation viewed through the format of photography. It is comprised of approximately 50.000 photographs of several works that were exhibited at Kunstscenen in the past as well as discarded objects found in the area around the scene. Emil Rønn Andersen has rephotographed the previous exhibited works adopting the same perspective as the original documentation. Using a collection of simulated light conditions, each photograph imitates a specific environment or atmosphere: an early morning in autumn, a dark rainy night, the backlights of a car etc.

By compiling series of photographs of each object into a fast paced slideshow, Emil Rønn Andersen places the objects in a continuously transforming state. Two fragmented walls mimicking Kunstscenens architecture are placed directly within the space. The various photographs are presented as serial prints composing the wall surface. The slideshow will be displayed in the format of video at the opening. After the opening the video will be accessible at Kunstscenen's site.

All of the components in the show are the result of automated processes. Rønn Andersen acts as a creator and organiser of several systems which are set into motion. His role is therefore reduced to a kind of systems-manager comparable to developments within industrial production where manual work is rapidly being replaced by the management of complex systems.

As a title Cube is referring to a well known work by Sol LeWitt from 1988 in which a cube was photographed using nine light sources in all their combinations. But it also refers to Kunstscenen as a physical cube that is distributing itself in the digital space. One of the questions raised is how we consume art via image-documentation in a digital age where the border between being there and elsewhere is blurred and practically non-existent.

Opening: Friday April 26, from 17-19.
Exhibition period: April 26 - May 26, 2019.

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Later Event: April 26