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  • Lokale, København 27 Griffenfeldsgade København, 2200 Denmark (map)
EC1 24H Day 8: Alex Mørch.

EC1 24H Day 8: Alex Mørch.

Press Release, April 2018

An exhibition in constant change: 22 shows executed in 22 days.

EC1 24H Copenhagen 2018 is a living exhibition project presenting a new exhibition every day for three weeks, where every show is installed, unfolded and dismantled within 24 hours. Each show is a new collaboration between the artist(s) and the curator(s) of the day. The project involves over 30 participants who are based in Denmark and abroad. With the 24 hours as the main frame, EC1 24H allows for exploration and openness of working methods, media and processes while questioning the current standards of the gallery space and our approach to contemporary art.

EC1 24H is build on curiosity and collaboration across networks, countries and practices in the field of art. A new perspective will be adopted every day, giving the visitors the possibility to experience a spectrum of expressions ranging from performance to installation, food-lab and radio broadcasting. EC1 24H Copenhagen 2018 is organized by FSK - Foreningen for Samtidskunst (The Association for Contemporary Art) as a parallel to Aarhus Artspace, a yearly exhibition for transformative, contemporary art.

Full programme, news and updates: www.ec124h.wordpress.com

The project is kindly supported by: Snabslanten, Malgodt.dk, Depanneur, The Italian Institute of Culture, Banjo Billedskole, Ma’ed Ethiopian Restaurant, Bladr, Plan E and FabLab RUC.


DAY 1 / Sun, April 15
Artist: Max Negrelli (D)
Curator: Pete Lamberto (PH/DK)

DAY 2 / Mon, April 16
Artist: Runa Norheim (NO)
Curator: Julie Jane Nissen (DK)

DAY 3 / Tue, April 17
Artists: Bärbel Praun (D) and Miriam Hamann (A)
Curator: Julie Jane Nissen (DK)

DAY 4 / Wed, April 18
Artists: PRESS PLAY! (pre-study for exchange I)
Curators: Lokale

DAY 5 / Thu, April 19
Artist: to be defined
Curator: Emil Clemént Lüth (DK)

DAY 6 / Fri, April 20
Artist: Oskar Koliander (SE) and Augusta Sørensen (DK)
Curator: Anne Julie Arnfred (DK)

DAY 7 / Sat, April 21
Artist: Nuleinn (DK/SE/IS)
Curator: Anne Julie Arnfred (DK)

DAY 8 / Sun, April 22
Artist: Alex Mørch (DK)
Curator: Anne Kathrine Zychalak Stolten (DK)

DAY 9 / Mon, April 23
Artist: Tiago Casanova (PT)
Curator: Pete Lamberto (PH/DK)

DAY 10 / Tue, April 24
Artists: LOCAL VIEW (pre-study for exchange II)
Curators: Lokale

DAY 11 / Wed, April 25
Artists: Avon Bashida, Zuhra Hilal, Signe Maria, Sidsel Lehn Mehlsen, Laura Guiseppi
Curators: Sara Ludvig & Ragnhild Elisabeth (DK)

DAY 12 / Thu, April 26
Artist: Nana Francisca Schottländer (DK)
Curator: Paola Paleari (IT)

DAY 13 / Fri, April 27
Artist: Michael Richardt (DK)
Curator: Mikkel Elming (DK)

DAY 14 / Sat, April 28
Artist: Budhaditya Chattopadhyay (IND)
Curator: Emil Clemént Lüth (DK)

DAY 15 / Sun, April 29
Artist: Marie Dahl (DK)
Curator: Marie Dahl (DK)

DAY 16 / Mon, April 30
Artist: Kristian Hverring (DK)
Curator: Marie Dahl (DK)

DAY 17 / Tue, May 1
Artist: Jayne Dent (UK)
Curator: Anne Kathrine Zychalak Stolten (DK)

DAY 18 / Wed, May 2
Artist: Inga Gerner Nielsen (DK)
Curator: Maria Nadia S.Nielsen (DK)

DAY 19 / Thu, May 3
Artist: Danilo Milovanović (BA)
Curator: Paola Paleari (IT)

DAY 20 / Fri, May 4
Artists: Flore Nové-Josserand (FR) and Thorbjørn Andersen (DK)
Curator: Paola Paleari (IT)

DAY 21 / Sat, May 5
Curator: Maria Nadia S.Nielsen (DK)

DAY 21 / Sun, May 6