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  • Les Gens Heureux, København Store Strandstræde 19, 5. th. København K, 1255 Denmark (map)

Press release:

The exhibition ‘Voir au Verso’ presents selected drawings and paintings in which Côme Clérino's fascination of the urban civilisation is epitomized. The multitude of surfaces and materials that intertwine in the urban landscape are for him a great inspiration as a painter.

First of all he photographs repainted iron fences, poorly cleaned vehicles, ripped of advertising posters, half destroyed walls and the likes. Over time he has made a collection of materials found on the corner of a street, a building site or an atelier. Then he mixes these photographic fragments with different pictorial techniques and printing processes. In this way, he plays on the contrast that comes to life between these elements of reality and this other gesture of painting. These different dimensions are superimposed one on the other to constitute the drawings and paintings presented in this exhibition.

‘Through my work, I try to give a sensible perception of the urban reality. It is a question of observing the real beyond the familiar forms, of paying attention to the 'Verso': the reverse side of the things that surround us.’ – Côme Clérino.

'Côme does not restrict anything and, gently it seems, he puts into place the other gesture of painting. I look at the notebooks as controlled improvisations, musical scores, writings, alphabets or Rimbaldian Vowels: A black, E white, I red, U green, O blue.' (Extract from 'Côme Clérino : Identity ? Painter !', Gaya GOLDCYMER, January 2017).

Côme Clérino (b. 1990 in Paris, France) graduated with the honors of the Jury from Les Beaux-Arts in Paris last summer. He works in multiple mediums such as painting, print making, photography and sculpture. His work has been exhibited in several galleries and public spaces, such as the Dukan Gallery in Leipzig, the Palais de Beaux-Arts, La Maison Rouge in Paris and Les Gens Heureux.

Côme ́s work has appeared in magazines such as Elle, Influencia, Etapes Magazine, and the Gazette Drouot, and his new edition ‘Or maybe even go back to painting’ published by Presto Éditions has been selected by Parisian gallery Yvon Lambert to be presented in their book shop.