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Asbjørn Skou, A catalogue of disappointments (26,6 x 19,5 cm. 90 pages).

Asbjørn Skou, A catalogue of disappointments (26,6 x 19,5 cm. 90 pages).

Press release, April 2019

Asbjørn Skou
A catalogue of disappointments

A catalogue of disappointments is a redrawing of Financial Times April 1979. It is an anarchival device for fictioning; a paper and graphite based ouija board. It reassembles the dead to make them speak in synchronic and diachronic voices - in tongues and backwards, in a collapsing heap of images and text; as failed automatic writings, as a compost of histories told through tabloid headlines and pulp. It is a paratext that shapes a mesh / mess of tangled heteroglossic signs and smudged remains of rumour, news, memory, here-say and heresy. The book is an upside-down arcane literary commemoration of forty years of neoliberal hex. It is a drawing document, that unfolds as a fragmentary transmission of psycho-topological spewings of images, language, associations and animosities. The book is a grotesque replica; a pack of ghosts of an abandoned set of futures.

Asbjørn Skou “A catalogue of disappointments”
(Drawings from Financial Times April 1979)
Printed, designed and bound by KLD Repro
Published by Xeropolis, April. 2019. Copenhagen, DK.