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  • Fabrikken for Kunst og Design, København 46 Sundholmsvej København, 2300 Denmark (map)
Photo: Jacob Crawfurd.

Photo: Jacob Crawfurd.

In 2016 Copenhagen's alternative art fair Alt_Cph will gather platforms and initiatives working beyond the scope of the conventional artist-run space. The invited participants share an artistic practice that is crosscutting with everyday systems and structures, making them products of their surroundings, and vice versa. They work with art as process rather than product, and with collective participation as a driving force in an ongoing attempt to make new realities. Alt_Cph 16 doesn’t consider the artist-run space as a stable form, but as a flexible hybrid, which is constantly shaping and being shaped by its context.

The Factory of Art and Design, where the fair has been held every year since 2006, is a production and knowledge centre, where 53 artists produce art on a daily basis. Being given the opportunity to curate Alt_Cph 16 Raaderum has chosen to take this site- specific situation literally and also very seriously. We want to introduce a different fair format, investigating possible and impossible crosscuts between space, production and knowledge. A format that reflects reality, where contemporary art is not confined to concrete forms insides closed cubes but overlaps with a diverse range of spaces and zigzags between disciplines and methods.

Therefor we encourage the invited participants to 'reproduce' rather than 'represent' their space and their practice. Detached from their usual environment, we don’t expect these reproductions to generate major changes, necessarily. By contrast, we expect a conglomerate of constantly changing forms crosscutting with each other to give a taste and a glimpse of contemporary art's ability to create all sorts of intersections.

In line with this approach we will break down the walls of the production house to let fair and the space intervene with the local context around the Factory, Sundholmskvarteret.

As already indicated we basically want to tear the fair apart, and we hope that all the invited initiatives will help us putting it back together in a new, fun and more useful way.

Alt_Cph16 is curated by Charlotte Bagger Brandt and Amalie Frederiksen from Raaderum. Since 2008 Raaderum has worked across spaces and challenged conventional formats for contemporary art. We prefer to work with open processes and flexible forms rather than done products. An important aspect of our work is to highlight the potential of art in various social contexts.

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