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  • FABRIKKEN for Kunst og Design, København Sundholmsvej 46 København, 2300 Denmark (map)

Press release, april 2018

Alt_Cph is an independent exhibition gathering selected contemporary artist-run and alternative exhibition spaces across Europe. Alt_Cph 18 is dedicated to presenting new performance art.

Tripping over hedges to create an ideal landscape of opportunities
Opportuning the ideal fan-scape
This other Eden, this demi-paradise; 
Impersonating a political fiction
Impersonating Shania Twain? 
Am I over-existing?

Performance art is blooming. While performance art’s entry into larger institutions is a fairly new and welcomed development in Denmark, the discipline has always played a prominent part in smaller, artist-run exhibition spaces. Alt_Cph 18 will gather and strengthen the scattered movements already found in the artist-run initiatives across Europe and present a wide spectrum of artists and platforms in the vast hall of Fabrikken for Kunst og Design.

With an overlap of performance and installation art, Alt_Cph 18 focuses on the moment in which an interaction materializes and is transformed into something else. Each performance presented during the exhibition will leave an artefact or trace behind, marked by what just happened. In this way the exhibition will be in constant development and only reach a final, frozen form by its ending Sunday evening.

The exhibition design, which ties the content of Alt_Cph 18 together, consists of  a giant metal grid and mountains of salt, making up the body of a large living sculpture.

Parallel with the exhibition, a discursive program with a theoretical focus will be conducted, including talks, lectures and seminars presented by artists, curators and theorists of the field.

The program will be launched Friday 25 May 2018 with an opening ceremony at 4 pm leading up to a grand party performance later in the evening.