The canadian illustrator Sarah Burwash has the most wonderful way of building up strange sceneries. Boxing matches, wierd vases and statuettes, women carrying piles of sticks, bears, foxes, geese and potted plants in snowfilled landscapes. Thousands of stories instantly come to life, after just a single glimps of Sarah’s universe.

It’s clear that Sarah Burwash masters the art of watercolor. But while her pieces have a bright, desatuated and natural feel, often quite absurd stories unfold in the details. Each work seems like it is stitched together, almost like a collage, of different elements. Fragments from nature, sport activities, traditional and modern lifestyle composes the finished illustration and ensure a continuous flow of discoveries. We think Sarah’s work is amazing and after doing this small interview with her we love the work even more.

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Sarah Burwash and I am artist based in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Where do you come from and what made you choose your current path?
I grew up in a small ski town in British Columbia, Canada called Rossland. I moved from the east coast to the west coast of Canada four years ago with two friends, we drove together in a special car named Janet, a 1987 Toyota Tercel. I wanted to see more of the country and experience the ocean out east and the arts community. I have been working full time as an artist out here for the past 2.5 years with lots of travel for my work throughout the year.

Tell us about your working process
For my drawing practice I start by gathering source material, images to reference for the work and from there I use a few different techniques which involves tracing paper, rice paper, light tables, watercolours and cuts outs. I have recently been drawing the different elements of the drawings onto rice paper and cutting them out and then collaging them onto the paper and filling in around the characters with more cut outs or directly on the page. Its all very intuitive.


What are your biggest source of inspiration/influence at the moment?
The lifestyle of me and my friends, the romantic and the unromantic sides of the country, off grid lifestyles and the wilderness.

What are you working on at the moment? Can you show us any work-in-progress?
I’m about to start building a tear drop trailer studio that I will be taking on trip across Canada, the USA and Mexico. It’s in the planning process. I recently completed and exhibited a new body of ceramic work and drawings titled ‘Moment of Glory’.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
I have been dreaming of a USA/ Mexico road trip for a long time so I am really excited to make steps towards that coming true. I haven’t though much beyond that, I just want to keep making work and go on travel/ art adventures and to have some property eventually that is quiet and has some shady trees.

What would your advice for other creatives be?
Don’t be afraid to ask.

All works by Sarah Burwash.

All works by Sarah Burwash.

Rikke Luna (f. 1988) og Matias Albæk-Falk (f. 1988) er stiftere af, og driver derudover formidlingsbureauet I DO ART Agency samt I DO ART Books.