Opening this Friday; a mass exhibition organised by Fine Art Students from the Glasgow School of Art.

In May 2014 the Glasgow School of Art ‘Mackintosh building’ burned, resulting in students being spread to other buildings across the city, dividing an already disparate School of Fine Art. Because of this, we are now putting on a show of our own to highlight some of the ongoing problems that is surrounding the institution (see GSA). By coming together and putting on this show we aim to open up more discussion, both between us in the second year and for all other students at the school. At the same time, we are creating a unified voice that can be used to speak about our concerns in a way that will have to be heard. We are the school and we believe we should have more influence over our education.

The Glasgow School of Art ‘Mackintosh Building’ fire in 2014 | Photo by unknown.

The Glasgow School of Art ‘Mackintosh Building’ fire in 2014 | Photo by unknown.

By working side by side we can influence each other, and help each other out. As a unified group, rather than a disparate collection of individuals we are able to produce better work, more interesting work and support each other in the making and discussion of this work. Ultimately we came together as three fine art departments in order to make and show work together. In doing this we spoke more as a group and, through this, found that the issues of space and tutor time were apparent throughout as well as the school’s lack of inclination to discuss and address these issues openly with the students. We thought that the best way to address this was to organise an exhibition celebrating each other’s work whilst drawing attention to the issues we face in the school. Issues that are felt across arts eduction and higher education in the UK and across the world.

We will be showing work from across all of our departments – Painting & Printmaking, Fine Art Photography and Sculpture & Environmental Art. The show is on 10th, 11th and 12th of June at the Laurieston Arches, Cleland Lane, Glasgow G5 9DS. Opening 6pm – 9pm on the 10th of June with a following afterparty and 12pm – 6pm on the 11th and 12th.

Jonas Jessen Hansen | Cloud 9 | Jonasjessenhansen.tumblr.com
Cloud 9 is a book dealing with urban culture, setting up relationships between concealment and display, privacy and exhibitionism, anonymity and identity, but also exploring a curiosity about what it means to be happy, successful and beautiful: what it means to fit into society and be accepted, what it means to stand out from the crowd and be our own person. Building on a relation between the individual and society, the places and people surrounding us.

Rachel Woodside | Kitchen Floor Reset | Rachelwoodside.com
A sculptural piece that explores ideas of familiar spaces and materials in relation to the body. It comes from a selfish desire to create a cathartic space and through doing so releasing tension. Once it exists in physical form I can forget about it.

Jens Masimov | Untitled | Jensmasimov.com
Working with different materials that respond to thoughts about roots, surface and heritage, I’m investigating where one can find or create a place to belong. How a person reflecting its past generations and what we pick to build our history and personality on.

Grace Higgins Brown | www.RenaissanceEncounters.com
One hour performance on www.Omegle.com as Vermeer’s “Girl With the Pearl Earring”, reimagined as a live cam girl for fictional live cam site www.RenaissanceEncounters.com, which caters to a fetish for women in famous artworks. Intended as a satire of the increasingly broad and obscure fetishisation of women, and our growing access and exposure to this.

Maya Holliss | (α)taxis | Mayaholliss.com
Carving a passage from the shores of Western Scotland, to the River Po in Italy, this work traces the symbolic and chaotic nature of water in two historically Celtic lands. Crystals formed from Atlantic seawater is used to record the interaction of salt and silver on a 5×4 negative. This conversation between materials is imprinted as a trace, facilitating a meeting of two places on a physical and biological level. Taking a pseudo-scientific approach, the work stems from a curiosity and confusion for the chaos and order present in the universe, the human condition, nature and all the coincidences and connections that lie between. By creating rituals, forming systems whilst deploying chance as a medium of discovery, (α)taxis aims to translate the essence of material and place, whilst exploring an ever-changing and globalized world.

The exhibiting artists are:
Corah Ambrose, Jeppe Andersen, Robyn Anderson, Pamela Atan, Lotte Bækgaard, Peter Basma-Lord, Chloe Boughton, Roisin Cairney, Celia Calder, Li Chen, Harry Clitheroe, Lucy Clitheroe, Katrina Cobain, Elisa Coffey, Adama Conteh, Alice Cornelia, Beth Cowey, Jessica Cummin, Megan Daly, Ryan Darnell, Helen Emily Davy, Hayley Dawson, Molly Francesca Dearie, Nancy Dewhurst, Rachael Docherty, Paula Doherty, Eilish Dougan, Peter Eason Daniels, Katherine Eberle, Angus Fernie, Alison Fitzpatrick, Vilte Fuller, Fenella Gabrysch, Esther Gamsu, Alexandra Gausen, Joe Alden Gibson, Harriet Gould, Jan Graham, Elizabeth Gray, Georgia Green, Georgia Grinter, Grundvold, Molly Hankinson, Jonas Jessen Hansen, Rebecca Hassan.

Caitlin Higgins, Grace Higgins Brown, Thomas Clarke Hillan, Sarah Hilley, Will Holden, Maya Holliss, Scott Hopper, Shun Hui, Giedre Jackeivciute, Thyme James, Zhiliang Jin, Gemma Jones, Mez Kerr Jones, Jonny Kirkwood, Beth Kitchen, Rosa Klerkx, Freya Laird, Shun Lam, Lucy Lamort, Mark Lennon, Chen Li, Linnea Lieth, Jacob Littlejohn, Yi Liu, Malcolm Mackenzie, Declan Malone, Jens Masimov, Kirsty Mcarthur, Iain McCall, Cameron McCracken, Andrew McCue, Claire Mcginlay, Laura Mclean, Michaela McManus, Robert Mercer, Danielle Metcalfe-Shaw, Suzanna Morgan, Clare Morris, Eleanor Mottram, Kieran Muir, Adi Nag, Cecilie Neumann, Hannah Nugent, Flannery O’Kafka, Tim Offredi, Danny Pagarani, Aphra Pilkington, Zoe Pillar.

Ellie Ploch, Natalia Poniatowska, Hamshya Rajkumar, Gavin Reid, Marina Renee-Cemmick, Mia Rewitz, Skyler Ridewood, Matthew Rimmer, Sean Robertson, Helen Robinson, Katie Robinson, Eleanor Rodwell, Malene Rolsted Christensen, Ella Russell, Kat Rymanis-Murawska, Allegra Salandini, Kaytlin Scott, Darren Skedd, Henry Smith, Georgia Sparkes, Ariana Steiner, Rebecca Thomson, Darren Todd, Megan Trueman, Kristjana Björg Þórarinsdóttir, Ruudu Ulas, Magdalene Wanderlust, Hannah Ward, Giles Watkins, David Whitelaw, Leo Wight, Shirley Wilson, Rachel Woodside, Gem X.

We are the 125 exhibiting artists.

In response to growing numbers of students and shrinking resources we’re using our critical mass creatively.

Students from Glasgow School of Art.