On the way to Copenhagen’s industrial harbour lays a former chocolate factory which since the late 1980’s has been transformed into a creative melting pot. One of its early inhabitants is one of Denmark’s finest and most progressive printers who, since his art teacher brought a printing press to class, has been fascinated by the potential of the medium.

After getting apprenticeships at print studios in both USA and in Spain Niels Borch Jensen returned to Copenhagen to establish his own workshop in 1979. During his stay in USA Niels saw how the american workshops were collaborating with the artists to create something else than just reproductions. He wanted to transfer this model to the danish scene and for more than three decades he has been working with internationally renowned artists, many for whom print has become an important part of their artistic practice.

We visited Niels Borch Jensen’s printing workshop earlier this summer and was mesmerized by the space’s raw factory feel and the friendly atmosphere. We ended up spending five hours at the workshop where we both witnessed the initiating steps of a new, giant woodcut by Tal R and followed Niels in the different stages of the preparation of a copper plate.

All photos by Rikke Luna & Matias © I DO ART Agency.

All photos by Rikke Luna & Matias © I DO ART Agency.

Below you can see our video interview with Niels Borch Jensen and hear him tell much more about his passion for print and collaboration with the artists. The film has been made in collaboration with Chart Art Fair where Niels Borch Jensen will be present.

Chart Art Fair runs from the 26th - 28th of August, 2016 at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen. More info here.

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