Nogle gange er man heldig, når man surfer gennem internetjunglen, og for et par uger siden var vi rigtigt heldige. Vi opdagede nemlig at vores gode bekendtskaber, Mads og Esben fra det danske band Reptile Youth, var på vej mod Stockholm for at indspille musikvideo til “Be My Yoko Ono” sammen med selveste Lucy McRae (en vanvittigt dygtig australsk kunstner. Hvis du ikke allerede er bekendt med hendes arbejde, så skynd dig at tjek hendes hjemmeside ud). Hurtigt fik vi fat i Andreas, bandets manager, for at sikre os et par billeder fra processen, og oveni det fik vi lov til at sende et par spørgsmål afsted til Lucy. Vi har glædet os til at kunne vise jer videoen. I vores øjne er den helt fantastisk!

Interview med Lucy McRae om videoen til “Be My Yoko Ono” af Reptile Youth:

Can you take us through the process of creating the “Be My Yoko Ono” video with Reptile Youth? Good question. It started with about twelve emails from Andreas (Reptile Youth’s manager) enthusiastically asking me to be part of visualising a song from the new album. I was incredibly busy finishing a film, and kept saying no. Each time i said no, he came straight back and asked again (offering his scooter at one point). His persistence paid. We had a call the week before I left to run a Hyper Island workshop. During the call I suggested we could make something for Reptile Youth at Hyper Island and BANG from there it started. Kinda crazy beginning, but in my experience thats how most great things perpetuate.

We had 2.5 days to make content (from scratch) for a 4 minute music video, working alongside 37 incredibly talented, motion graphics students from Hyper Island Stockholm. We developed four different worlds inspired by Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompa factory, humoring serious topics like genetic manipulation and designer babies.

Mads and Esben flew in, captured them on green screen and from there, the students stretched time, working in teams to hand build each world, (like a conveyer belt). As soon as something was done, it was shot on camera and the next props were started. We piggy backed resources, working with whatever we could find; a ceiling fan, a cleaning trolley, window blinds and a photocopy machine, giving motion to graphics.

How did you come up with the idea for this video?
The music video entertains the concept that we are all ‘Puppets of technology’ trusting the digital to archive our secrets (facebook, etc..). The film opens with a hybrid of a medical journal and design magazine, meant to simulate how parents would thumb through a baby catalogue when gene selecting their perfect child. From there we switch between worlds, building the characters (Mads and Esben) in an incubator, rotating facial expressions and skin types. Mads told me that BE MY YOKO ONO was about finding the perfect girl, dreaming each time he met a new girl that she would reflect the one he had always imagined. This video has similar parallel ideas about manipulation, seeking perfection and puppetry.

What is your feeling about the final result?
I think the result captures the fun and intensity of the making, and exceeds what I originally thought was possible in 2.5 days. Thats what happens when you work with such enthusiastic talent. It is a true collaboration not only making of the content, but the entire production; editing, camera work, grading and post. Thanks to all involved and to Andreas for being incredibly (sometimes obsessively) persistent!


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