Earlier this summer we recieved an email contaning piles of fine line drawing and comic book-like scribbles. The message came from Sepa, who spent his childhood in the economic capital of Ivory Coast; Abidjan and the mountains of eastern France, but at the moment had settled in Copenhagen – we decided to take at chat to learn abit more about the world of Sepa.

"I think that each and every one of us have a creative and artistic side, just waiting to be revealed," Sepa explains when we ask him about the origin of his creative abilities. It is clear that his upbringing has played an important role in the formation of both his interests and artistic voice, and especially the mountains of the Franche-Comté region, France, where his parents still live, is a vital source of inspiration. "That's a place I'm proud of, because it's a soft mountain area which isstill very wild and tough to live in. Indeed, it snows five months a year and is very hot during thesummer period. I'm really admiring how people build up their lives, so they adapt themselves to the climate."

After high school Sepa moved to Paris to do a foundation year in applied arts at ENS AAMA School of Design where he also finished a bachelor in object design. His interest and talent within materials and three dimensional design is also easy to spot in his fine line drawings and illustrations. His motives often include houses, chairs, bricks or just plain weird structures, and he always seems to pay attention to the construction details such as joints, balance, shadows and perspective – even though he often decides to challenge the possible.

After graduating from ENS AAMA Sepa moved to Copenhagen "to see fresh and charming things!" Below you can read our short interview with the talented ivorian/french artist to learn more about his working process, fascinations and dreams for the future.

Hi Sepa! Tell us about your working process?
I have a range of materials I like to work with and about. I like materials that comes directly from their natural environment, because I believe in origins of each natural entity as fundamental. It's either'hard' stuff like wood, minerals such as slates, sand, limestone and soon, and soft or liquid things like water, beeswax and mud. I'm paticularly interested in oak wood, because of its several naturalproperties that arouses each of our senses.

I don't have a specific process yet. I rather work more with following my instincts and desires. Consequently, I draw and build up things when I feel something, which is quite often. However, I have slow periods in which I don't draw at all, but I'm more in contemplation with my eyes wide open. I'm actually glad to pass throughout such fluctuations because it allows me to be more appreciative and attentive of what's going on around me. Therefore, if I really should define the most important part of my proces, I would say that I consider observation to be the most eminent notion.

What fascinates and inspires you?
The natural environment I come from evolves according to seasons and human interactions, but at the same time it embodies absolute strengh. That's why it fascinates me more than anything. It's full of possibilities and it provides me with humbleness.

Do you have a project that you are especially proud of?
What I'm most proud of right now, is the fact you guys found something interesting in the works that I've done. I'm absolutely challenging myself, and I'm aware that I still have a long way to go, but I'm glad that I came across a realm that gives me the opportunity to express myself, so that my head will not be too full of serious things! But more specifically speaking, I'm proud to work a little bit with Anton from Palmspree on Stefensgade, Copenhagen, who believed in me. That's cool of him. :)

What will the future bring?
I'm really excited by the future, because the school Beaux Arts de Paris, that I will attend this summer, will draw a lot of new possibilities. However I wish to focus on the present, because I need to figure out how I want to develope myself and how my approach should be defined. The things I want to set up for sure are mixing contemporary art and cooking, one way or an other, and bring people together by providing interesting events that would be designed so it would encourage natural relationships and would raise questions about how art should play an important role in our daily lives. If I can achieve that with a little help from my friends, it will be the best feeling ever.

Eventualy, I would like to be part of nice exhibitions with great people, so I can share my tiny things with others. I'm actually about to have the chance to show some pieces in Kaffe on Istedgade, Copenhagen during August, and I'm so pleased to be involved. Other than that, I will continue the « look at # » project, which is a series of exhibitions, that I'm putting up in my place. We've made two of them in Copenhagen and hopefully I'll soon get a place in Paris, and everybody will be more than welcome to join!

And last, but not least, do you have any good advice(s) for other creatives?
Oh you know, I consider myself still too young to spread advices across this creative field – which is awesome – but just be conscious about how beautiful life is around you and keep doing what you think, you do the best. Oh and eat local!

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