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Sergei Sviatchenko | Photo by Agata Lenczewska-Madsen

20 years in Viborg. How do you feel? Inside? Outside? Or maybe both at the same time?

Sergei Sviatchenko is a Ukrainian born, Danish citizen, architect and artist. He graduated from Kharkov Academy of Art and Architecture, followed by a PhD at the Kiev School of Architecture/Means of Visual Information in Architecture. He moved to Denmark in 1990 and now lives and works in Viborg. I often meet Sergei on the streets of this charming little town, wearing a classic trench coat and short legged trousers. And always an amazing pair of shoes (Danish magazine Euroman has called Sergei the best dressed man in Denmark!). Or in a music store, where he buys another album with The Beatles.

Works by Sergei Sviatchenko

Recently, I had the pleasure to photograph Sergei in his studio, just a few days before the opening of his recent exhibition entitled Inside/Outside. The exhibition presents his painting and collages, that are all very fresh and modern. Sergei has been working with collages for the past few years, and developing his very unique style. The purpose of his recent work? To find some sort of code that resonates on an ‘unconcious level’ within people from both his generation and the ‘new internet generation’. His new visual language is created by combining traditional collage methods with the new ‘digital medium’ of the internet (check out his internet art project called Close Up And Private.

Works by Sergei Sviatchenko | Photos by Agata Lenczewska-Madsen

Faye Dowling from the magazine Dazed and Confused wrote about Sergei: “Sergei Sviatchenko is an artist constantly in flux. His shape-shifting art draws on the world around him, harnessing the cultural tides with twenty-five years of image-making. Sviatchenko speaks a unique creative language. His art sits somewhere between the known and the uninmaginable – merging pop culture with politics, personal memory with collective histories, or architecture and science with the logic of dreams”.

I warmly recommend visiting Galley NB in Viborg and to take a closer look at Sergei’s amazing acryl paintings and collages in mixed technique. Explore the world of the immigrate-outsider inside!

The 15th of January – 26th February, 2011 | Galleri NB | Sct. Mathiasgade 14 | 8800 Viborg.
More information and opening hours here.

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